2016 Vertebrate Pest Management Symposium

Symposium Presentations

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First Name Last Name Presentation Title 
Craig Arms Supplementary Pest Control Program – How Does It Work?
Guy Ballard Predator management keeps failing. What can be done about it?
Guy Ballard Practitioner Involvement in Bottom-up Driven Research: the Research Perspective
Rebecca Ballard Collective Steps for Effective Pest Animal Management: Listen, Plan, Train, Mentor, Implement Control, Monitor and Adapt
Andrew Bengsen How Can Recreational Hunting Help Control Pests on Public Land – Can We Even Tell?
James Brazill-Boast The Importance of Vertebrate Pest Control to the Saving Our Species Program
Tarnya Cox Releasing the Biocontrol Agent RHDV K5: Processes, Progress and Community Engagement
Troy Crittle Feral Camel Control in Western NSW
Troy Crittle Feral Pig Meat Baiting Field Trials in Western NSW
Nathan Cutter Biosecurity Net Closing on High-threat Non-indigenous Vertebrates
Nathan Cutter Management of Pest Animals Under the Biosecurity Act 2015 (NSW)
Barry Davies Taking Community Engagement to the Community
Michael Elliott Wild Dogs in the Peri-Urban Space
Peter Evans Feral Cat Control and Impact on Biodiversity
Adam Fawcett NSW Fox Threat Abatement Plan Case Study: Beach Nesting Shorebirds at the Manning River Entrances
Adam Fawcett Eradication of Rabbits and Rats from Broughton Island, NSW: a Local Perspective
David Forsyth Wild Deer in Victoria: Distributions, Abundances and Impacts
Andreas Glanznig Invasive Animals CRC to the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions: Innovations and Future Directions
Victoria Greentree Development of a NSW Tilapia Incursion Response Plan:  Failure to Plan is a Plan to Fail
Suzie Holbery An Investigation into the Use of Thermal Cameras for Detecting Feral Pigs During Aerial Surveys of the Lowbidgee Floodplain
Suzie Holbery Opportunities to Improve Pest Species Mapping Through the Use of Ultra-high-definition Aerial Survey Techniques
Tanya Howard “It’s All About the People”: Capacity Building for Invasive Species Management
Mark Lamb Pest Lures: Target Specific Attractants and Delivery Tools for Vertebrate Pest Management
Mark Lamb Utilising Scent Detection Dogs to Inform Strategic Wild Dog Control and Monitoring
Sebastian Lang Plenary Address
Michael Leane Practitioner Involvement in Bottom Up Driven Research: the Practitioner Perspective
Paul Mahon Fox Control, Other Management and Recovery of Threatened Beach-nesting Shorebirds in NSW 2001-2015
Paul Martin What Governance Reform is Needed to Make a Landholder Obligation Approach Work?
Lynette McLeod Re-thinking Strategies for Improving Engagement and Participation in Pest Animal Management
Liz McTaggart Felixing Feral Cats: Field Trials of a New Automated Control and Monitoring Tool
Paul Meek Bite-me: New Lethal Trap Methods for Predator Trapping
Paul Meek Putting Some Focus on Camera Trapping
Lisa Menke Mobile Phone application for pest work data capture
Greg Mifsud National Wild Dog Action Plan 2014-2019
Mark Robinson A Dogs Breakfast: Exploring the Complexity and Issues of Peri-urban Wild Dogs on the Coffs Coast
Glen Saunders Observations from 40 Years of Vertebrate Pest Research
Nicole Schembri Captivated – A Permit System for Pet Foxes
Jessica Sparkes Potential Spread of Canine Rabies in Australia: Implications for Pest Animal Management
Neil Stone Fox Control and Monitoring to Protect Brush Tailed Rock Wallabies in Wollemi National Park
John Tracey Where to from here for pest animal management and research in NSW?
Alyssa Trotter Assessing the Extent and Abundance of Pest Animal Populations Across NSW Through Expert Knowledge
Birgitte Verbeek Accredited Training for Vertebrate Pest Managers
Lisa Wellman North Eastern Pest Animal Advisory Committee (NEPAAC) – Interagency Collaborative Approach to Invasive Species Management in North East NSW
Peter West Community Mapping of Pest Animals with the FeralScan App
Rachel-Ann Wilcher Community / Government Engagement – Building Working Partnerships for Wild Dog Control in the Upper Hunter
Bryce Wilde Shared Problem Shared Solutions: a Review of Pest Animal Management in New South Wales
Karina Worrell Protecting Our Native Fish from Redfin Perch

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